Below are the Social Marketing options available to our Automotive clients:

New & Used Car Sales

Our unique Facebook Ads create the maximum buzz and reach about your inventory and allow you to reach Active Car Buyers who have been on the market for 60-180 days.

Dealership Branding

We use the power and reach of Facebook ads to brand your dealerships as a unique destination for car buyers.

Customer Retention

We combine Facebook’s targeting with your Dealer’s CRM to improve your Customer Retention.

Service Growth

We combine car ownership data from Facebook with your CRM’s In-Equity data to create additional CPO and Service revenues.

Reputation Management

We help dealers develop Alert responses on Medallia in addition to reputation management strategy for Social Media including Yelp and Facebook.

Accessory Sales

We are always on the lookout for 3rd party solutions to complement Facebook’s offerings with mobile engagement.

Blog Marketing

We design and develop SEO friendly unique content that will help magnify your Organic Search results.

Custom Campaigns

We can develop custom campaigns to include you own existing customers along with filters on Income, Job Title to laser focus on your intended target audience.

Craigslist Marketing

We have the technology to manage your Craigslist ad campaigns using auto-post and auto-sync, auto-insert to optimize your ad spend.

We include the following service options to our Automotive clients:



Strategy Consulting session followed up by monthly session to ensure that you are getting the results you were expecting from you Facebook advertising campaign


Facebook Reporting

Daily & Monthly reports of the performance for each ad campaign including KPIs and social media channels.


Assist with planning, development and production of media collateral including optimization and placement.


Facebook Re-Targeting

We used Facebook Re-Targeting to increase the campaign’s ROI.


Google Integration

Integration with Google Analytics to monitor conversion and traffic patterns.


Social Selling

We coach your Internet Sales teams to engage with the buyers on Facebook and book as many appointments as possible.

Find out how many In-Market car buyers you can reach with our Facebook Ads

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