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Our AI-Enabled Chat BOT for Retail & Service

Text & Email Notification

With our Ai-Enabled Chat Bot, you will be able to send SMS and Email alerts to as all your Sales and Support staff.  For instance, when a customer books an appointment, Luna will send Text to your Staff or Email your CRM.

Inventory Search/ Sync

We update your inventory on a nightly basis to only display the inventory that is ready to be sold.  Our Ai- Enabled Chat Bot supports inventory searches based on Custom Filter such as Price, Millage and others.

Ai-Enabled Search

We have trained Luna to understand Natural Language supporting Greetings along with searches like “Any Red Cars”?   “Any Cars under $15,000”?

Multi Lingual (Spanish)

Our Ai-Enabled Chat BOT Luna is quite the talker.  She speaks English and Spanish.  We have launched the Spanish to support the fastest growing demographics of buyers in US market.  But we can also add other languages to support your local markets.

Price Drop Alerts

With Luna we offer your buyers Price Drop Alerts that when the price of a specific item they are interested in buying drops, they would receive Messenger Notification with an option to book an appointment.

Book appointments w Reminders

Luna our Ai-Enabled Chat BOT can book appointments to bring customers to your show room.  These appointments offer the Buyers reminder options

Introducing Luna our Ai-Enabled Facebook Messenger BOT that can showcase your inventory refreshed daily.  Luna is a Hybrid BOT that can be easily customized based on how you want to engage Customers.  Luna can answer questions, book appointments with Reminders and accept offers from your buyers.


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